Just some of the stuff that Girl Friday IP can do so you don’t have to.

Trade Mark

Don’t know where to look, what you’re looking for or just not a fan of extra homework? It’s a good thing that we love doing homework. Our trade mark searching services can really help you avoid some potentially brand-threatening issues.


Filing a trade mark application is one thing. But filing the right trade mark application, well that’s where we come in. Let us do the heavy lifting to get you and your business kitted out with the best possible strategy and filing.


Trade mark examination can identify simple issues to highly complex ones. We’ll help manage your exam anxiety and prepare the right response to address any pesky exam reports that come your way.

and Renewal

A registered mark is your invitation to an exclusive clique. Kick back, use and enjoy your trade mark rights, while we take care of renewals to maintain your exclusivity status.


Like a bad hangover, these issues can bring on headaches, cold sweats and pangs of nausea for brand owners. They can be complicated, stressful and expensive. Our advice: don’t tackle these issues alone. Let’s work together to turn these challenges into savvy business solutions.

Trade Marks

Got plans for world domination? Let’s have a chat about International trade mark registration.


Invented the next best thing since sliced bread? We’ll work to provide you with the best possible strategy and advice for patent protection here in Australia and internationally. Our patent expertise includes patent searching, drafting, prosecution, infringement and freedom to operate advice.

Have a chat with us first before you before you spill the beans publicly about your brand spanking new idea.


Design registration is all about style. So if you have a unique looking product, design registration might be just the accessory you need to protect that signature style.


Timesheets? Billable hours? Yawn.

Our focus is to provide a value-based experience rather than a time-based one. Besides there’s nothing worse than wasting time by trying to record it on a timesheet. And they’re really boring.

Most of our general services are provided on a fixed fee basis. For all other matters, the cost will vary depending on the complexities of the matter. We can work based on quoted estimates, hourly or capped billing. We’ll work with you to find the pricing model that suits your needs.

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