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Girl Friday Gratitude for 2018

18/12/2018 by Fi Nguyen

Holy Christmas Batman! How is it almost the end of 2018? It has been an incredible year for us here at Girl Friday IP. We wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to eve

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The sun’s out. The coffee’s brewing. You’re going about your business. And BAM! You find someone ripping off your product, brand or hard-earned creative work - aka your blo

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Good mail is a delivery from Net-A-Porter. Bad mail is a bill. Ugly mail is a cease and desist letter. And ugly mail tends to trigger two reactions: breaking out in cold sweats or

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Celebrating with cake is crucial to The GFC, The Girl Friday Culture, and there’s no better reason to celebrate than our milestone 1st birthday! Sitting here coming down from an

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Reality Bites: 5 common myths about IP

10/12/2017 by Fi Nguyen

Stanley Kubrick helped fake the moon landing. Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen. You can cure a hangover by drinking more. They say never to let the truth get in the way of a go

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