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Come on in, the new website's fine

Given that we haven’t been able to travel, we figured a website refresh is as good as a holiday.

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Share with care

Posting or poaching? How to share images on Instagram

Share with care and consent. You create and post an image on your Instagram account. Another business Instagram account then posts the image, with a tag and credit to your account.

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The Imitation Game: Dealing with copycats

If you want to be original, be ready to be copied – Coco Chanel No disrespect Mademoiselle but imitation is actually the sincerest form of annoyance.

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Handle with care

DMY: Don't Mess Yourself Dealing with a Cease and Desist (Part 2)

The sun’s out. The coffee’s brewing. You’re going about your business. And BAM! You find someone ripping off your product, brand or hard-earned creative work

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Handle with care

DMY: Don’t Mess Yourself Dealing with a Cease and Desist (Part 1)

Good mail is a delivery from Net-A-Porter. Bad mail is a bill. Ugly mail is a cease and desist letter.

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