Street Cred

High fives and happy dances – just some of the reactions we get when we’re absolutely crushing it for our clients.

Carly Underwood,

Bare Bros Co

Girl Friday IP has played an integral role in helping us secure our branding. Initially we found the whole trade mark process daunting. But after chatting to Fi, we felt so at ease and comfortable. She made it easy to understand and explained everything in great detail. Not only that, but throughout the whole process she was in contact and checking in. We can’t recommend her enough and have been spreading the word to other small businesses like us. Trade mark protection is so important and having someone who can you support you through it is priceless.

Jess Ruhfus,


It was an absolute joy to work with Girl Friday IP to get our trade mark protection sorted. The process was seamless and easy, Fi was great and highly communicative. I had previously worked on DIY-ing the trade mark process and it was a nightmare, so I highly recommend Girl Friday IP. Fi’s the best.

Roz Campbell,


Fi was incredible to work with, explaining the in’s and out’s of trade registration, why it’s important to have it done properly, explained what was involved and also generously offered to do the work for Tsuno pro bono. It made a big difference for my business, when beforehand I’d just put this stuff in the too hard basket and hoped things would be fine. Then when it came to getting the work done, she was so thorough and efficient! I’ve already recommended to another friend and would do so to anyone else needing assistance with their IP.

Daniel Spooner,

Dogcity Daycare

Girl Friday IP, and Fi, were so immensely helpful in both filing and processing of our application, as well as breaking down the legal side so we completely understood the entire process involved. Tasks like trademark applications can appear to be so lengthy and time consuming, but Girl Friday IP made it the absolute opposite for our business!

Mark Monzon,


Girl Friday IP grabbed my attention online with the unique brand name. As a tech startup in stealth-mode development, I was also searching for a business that I was comfortable and confident working with. Fi is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her years of experience, constant communications & refreshing updates, made for an exceptional customer service experience. A rare diamond and highly recommended.

Anita Siek,


Fi from Girl Friday IP was an absolute breeze to work with, and is definitely Wordfetti’s IP go-to. Talk about breathing fresh air into an often “scary” industry. Despite being a lawyer myself, I wanted to enlist in someone with specialised knowledge in the IP-game when it came to protecting Wordfetti’s brand. There was no one else better suited to do it. Oh. And of course, fun and giggles are complimentary.

Chelsea Carey,

Sojourne Luggage

Fi makes the complex and confusing practice of trade mark protection SO easy and simple to understand. Her advice was practical, honest and extremely professional. I would (and already have!) recommend her and Girl Friday IP to anyone!

Kate Reynolds,

Classic Spirit

Fi was A M A Z I N G! She is knowledgable, practical in her suggestions, fast to respond and in general all over it. 100% would recommend Girl Friday IP!

Gina Buber,

Spread The Smile

From the moment I spoke with Fi, I knew that this process would be a piece of cake! She is so thorough and knowledgeable, but also down to earth as she went above and beyond to take the time to explain absolutely all legal options for our trademark application. There’s no legal jargon here, she explained everything in a super easy to understand manner, which is what you want when dealing with someone totally out of your depth and comfort zone. I can’t recommend her services highly enough and can’t wait to work with her again!

Dr. Anthony Marinucci,

Omit Headcare

Professional yet personable, Fi was not only a pleasure to deal with but her knowledge and efficiency are second to none. Painless IP, who would have thought?

Aly Morgan Greig,

Black and Blanco

The Girl Friday IP website is fun and importantly user friendly. Fi was always prompt and super helpful in her responses. Have already recommended her services!

DJ & Harriet McCready,

Mountain Culture

Fi was incredibly patient and helpful with our trade mark process. Her advice was invaluable and got us the result we were hoping for.

Yiota Athousis,

OLA Digital

IP is something I have almost no idea about, and definitely in the ‘too hard basket’ when it came to starting my business. I started following Girl Friday IP on Instagram and instantly loved their vibe. Still wasn’t sure if I needed this ‘serious biz’ help but was happy to follow along. Then I got curious, sent Fi an email and was so impressed with her knowledge in the field and the way she broke down all the confusion for me. I knew I had found my IP gal! The whole process has been simple, easy to follow and straightforward. I have already recommended Fi to some very close friends – yes she is that trustworthy. Couldn’t recommend more!

Hasara Lay,


Fi has been so helpful with managing our IP and trade mark needs. It’s an understatement to say that I am a novice in this area and I really appreciate the time she takes to explain everything to me. She uses language that I understand rather than legal jargon that takes hours to decipher. I also appreciate how she keeps us in the loop during every step of the way. Who knew that getting a trade mark could be made exciting?! Thanks Fi, really do appreciate your help and hard work. Super excited for Catexplorer to keep working with Girl Friday IP and to see what the future holds!

Emma Mazur,

Manflower Co

The whole trade mark process was super easy. Fi took the time to advise on what I needed to know in a very efficient and professional manner. Her professionalism gave me the utmost confidence that I was in good hands. Highly recommend! Thanks again, Fi. I’m so thrilled that Manflower Co is the real deal now!

Nik Welsh,

Tribe Equestrian

Thanks so much Fi for the way you handled our trade mark registration in a super friendly, profesh, & knowledgeable way! Offering general advice & going above and beyond was so kind of you and we can’t thank you enough!

Beck Mullally,


Fi gave so much incredibly helpful IP advice before she had even given me a quote. I felt confident throughout the entire process, that Fi was covering all bases and providing my business with the best possible IP protection.

Sally Kellett,


Girl Friday IP is one of the best partners/suppliers I could have ever found for my business. I could not speak more highly of Fi and how much I enjoyed working with her. I spoke to a lot of other attorneys prior to choosing Fi and she outweighed the others by far. FI THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK!

Amanda Mach,

The Loop Market

Fi made this entire trade mark process simple and was so generous with time when explaining the details from start to end. She was always happy to respond to my questions and in a timely manner too. I would not hesitate to recommend Fi to anyone who needs assistance with trade marks and will also continue to use her services in the future. Thank you Fi!!

Dave Gorman,

Captain Current

I was searching around for a team who were down to earth and no-nonsense, who I could trust with a project I am very passionate about. I found that with Girl Friday IP and Fi has been looking after me ever since. Class act! Would recommend to anyone.

Eleni Meyrick,

Sister and Babe

The prospect of requiring the services of an IP attorney was daunting. But Fi at Girl Friday IP made the process so far a bit of a dream. It’s great to know that we are in good hands!

Emma Witte,

Black Chalk Collective

Never thought I would describe the process of applying for a trade mark as enjoyable or exciting – but it has been with Fi at Girl Friday IP! She’s one of those people who ‘just GETS it’ and her experience, knowledge and personable nature took away all the fear and uncertainty around such a big scary topic for a small business owner like me. She translated everything into “regular people language” and managed all the tricky stuff for me. What more could you want?

Casey O'Callahan,

Hass & Co

My to-do list is a mile long on a good day and one of those tasks that constantly gets pushed to the bottom of the list is “look into IP”. I am so thankful to have met Fi at Girl Friday IP, who turned what could have easily been a stressful and overwhelming task into an absolute breeze! I explained our situation and Fi swiftly narrowed it down to just the bits I needed to know. It ended up being one of the least stressful things we have had to tackle in a long time. Thank you so much!

Demi Brown,

Australian Home Heating Association Inc

Fi at Girl Friday IP is easy to talk to and she “gets” what we want, explains things clearly and simply, rather than the legal jargon – which can get complicated. Fi is quick to act on our requests and we have nothing but good things to say. Definitely recommend anyone to use her services.

Katherine Sabbath,

Katherine Sabbath

Efficient, thorough, and incredibly helpful! Thank you Girl Friday IP for making the trade mark process so accessible and beneficial for my business.

Greer McKendry,


With not much knowledge about trade marks, I reached out to Girl Friday IP and Fi was so generous with her time in explaining and detailing all aspects. I’m excited that our application has started and look forward to making our brand the “real deal” and getting it protected. Thank you Fi!

Dave Ward,

Aether Brewing

Thanks very much Fi for de-mystifying the confusing world of IP and trade marks, and helping us protect our brand efficiently and effectively!

Hannah-May Rands,

Tan Tootie

I cannot thank Fi from Girl Friday IP enough for her wonderful service! She really did go above and beyond and made me feel comfortable and confident during the entire process. I’ve already sung her praises and cannot recommend her services enough!

Lauren Lee,

Style Story and Subi

Fi couldn’t have made the process for registering our trade marks any easier – she took all the stress and guesswork out of the process. I would recommend her and Girl Friday IP without hesitation.

Aimee Lee Russo,

Business Lane

Fi is not only wildly intelligent and knowledgeable in her field, but she is the loveliest human to work with. Filing my trade mark has been a breeze – easy to follow, approachable, efficient, and professional. I cannot recommend Fi and Girl Friday IP highly enough and am so grateful our paths crossed!

Athol Hann,


Loved working with Girl Friday IP. Great start to getting our trade marks in place. Look forward to working with Fi to getting all our IP locked down.

Rhonda Macheras,

Bride Tribe

I reached out to Fi, to help with trade marking my new business venture, which was made super easy with step by step explanations of each step and process needed to reach our end goal. Not only have I requested Fi to help with new venture, she also picked up on a crucial trade mark class that was missed with my current business.


Omnistruct would like to thank Girl Friday IP for their help in obtaining our trade mark. We were nervous about the process, but Fi was knowledgable, reliable and extremely efficient. We were never left guessing and knew where we were in the process every step of the way.

Tatum Murison,


Super impressed with Fi and what she did for us. Not only did she get us protected with a trade mark registration, she also offered great advice on which trade mark classes to invest in to best protect our brand. She was easy to reach and even emailed us back within a couple of hours when she was away in another country. Wouldn’t hesitate to use her again!

Steph Gorton,

House of Hobby

Fi made it SO simple for me to understand something that had me feeling pretty overwhelmed. The process was simple, effortless & I feel very calm & confident. Thanks for making the trade mark process for my business so enjoyable.

Simone Mathews,

Soul Home

It was so easy, for someone who really doesn’t understand the trade mark process Girl Friday IP made it simple.

Megan Luhrs,


Working with Fi made the trade mark process simple and super easy to understand. Fi took the angst out of navigating this unknown area which also saved me valuable time while starting out on my new venture again. I’m excited to move forward knowing that Girl Friday IP has my business back!

Jeanette Herrington,

Reclaiming You

What a refreshing approach! Fast and efficient service and I was kept informed in a thorough yet ‘easy to understand’ light manner. Am grateful for Fi’s sound IP advice and support in understanding my business. Thank you!

Shanti Wiwatowski,

Little Wiwa

I have spoken to a few trade mark attorneys to date and to say Fi has been amazing is an understatement. From the consultations, comprehensive email correspondence, clarity and assurance I have felt more confident in my decision making. So yes I highly recommend Fi on representing you on the IP protection. Thank you Fi for everything. I look forward to working more together with you in the future.

Emily Coates,

Ivy Social

Working with Fi was fantastic! Fi was able to cut through the legal overwhelm to efficiently deliver the result. Thank you so much, Fi! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Renee Moore,

Cinch Skin

I came to Girl Friday IP with a tricky situation that I had already run by several other trade mark experts (who came up empty handed). After 10 mins on the phone with Fi we had sorted the situation and problem was solved! Thank you.

Gloria Fittipaldi,

Instrumental Creative

A wonderful service! Very efficient and helpful in their approach.