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Girl Friday IP: These are a few of my favourite (trade mark) things

We first met Fi Nguyen when she came to us looking for a fresh, new logo and website for her Girl Friday IP, a modern business that guides creatives and small businesses through the foggy world of intellectual property.

How to Think Like a Lifestyle Brand with Girl Friday IP

As a service provider in a typically unsexy industry, Fi’s ‘think like a lifestyle brand’ philosophy has provided her business with traction that would not have been possible had she done what every other IP firm does.

15 Unmissable Instagram Pages for Lawyers

We love Instagram for business. There are actually lots of great law related pages to follow that we love so we wanted to share them with the world.

Keen Company: Fi from Girl Friday IP

I first came across Fi when I heard her talk on a panel at a League of Extraordinary Women event here in Brisbane, I Insta-stalked her down as soon as I heard her speak while still sitting in the audience at the event! I knew she was my type of gal and can’t wait to watch her journey.

Podcast: Protecting Your Brand With Girl Friday IP

Today’s episode is amazing because we somehow had fun learning about IP & think you will too. This is all down to our guest for today, Fi, the founder of Girl Friday IP. Her instagram bio says “no legalese, real talk, occasionally foul mouthed”; that is 100% accurate.

2018 Women in Law finalists revealed

Lawyers Weekly, together with principal partner Taylor Root, is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2018 Women in Law Awards.

Sole Practitioner of the Year 2018 Finalist – Girl Friday IP.

Member of the Month: Introducing one of Perth’s most entrepreneurial IP attorneys

Fi is both giving IP law a radical shake-up, and is your best bet if you ever need to bake a pavlova in a flash. She’s cool under pressure and wowed us all in season three of The Great Australian Bake Off.

Instagram for lawyers – 13 inspirational pages to follow

Lawyers are winning work & growing their profiles on Instagram, and it’s infinitely more enjoyable than the stuffiness of LinkedIn. These pages are all smack bang on brand, tell the story of the company and provide great insight into their service.

Ambition ? Is It Still A Dirty Word?

A recent study found that fear of failure is still holding back men and women in professional settings and small business.

Run The World 2019 Conference – Brisbane

Make your intellectual property as important as all the other elements that make up your brand. Protecting yourself shouldn’t be something you consider when it’s too late, it should be built into the very foundation of your brand.

Beyond Billables Podcast Episode 83

This week on the show I had the epic privilege of being joined by the one and only Fiona Nguyen, founder of Girl Friday IP and all around awesome human. As a Patent Attorney and business owner Fiona has grown a great brand and business which was central to our discussion. Given our mutual love for branding we were able to do a deep dive into how lawyers of all kinds can grow great personal brands and great businesses whether in big teams or out on their own.

5 Minutes with…Fi Nguyen of Girl Friday IP

Girl Friday IP’s website and Instagram page reads more like an of-the-moment lifestyle brand than an intellectual property law firm. With its cute colour-coordinated Instagram photos to trendy pink website, patent and trademark law has never looked so fun.

How to protect your ideas and creativity

Taking what would otherwise be non-comprehensible legal-jargon and making it fun, interesting and palatable, Girl Friday IP is the Intellectual Property lawyer giving a fresh new makeover to the world of IP law, giving her some serious street credibility when it comes to all things protecting the creative ideas of small and big businesses alike.